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New ChemBioHub Paper

🔍 How do you assess selectivity for #covalent inhibitors? Our latest study just out in The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry reveals fascinating insights. 👇

Dual pharmacology: Covalent inhibitors can unexpectedly interact with target proteins via non-covalent interactions. In our study, we explore this phenomenon using biochemical, biophysical, and cell target engagement assays.

Case Study: The FDA-approved #BTK inhibitor #ibrutinib surprised us! It not only targets kinases but also binds and inhibits two non-kinase proteins: NUDT5 and NUDT14. 🎯

Warhead Independence: Interestingly, these effects are independent of the reactive acrylamide warhead. Mass spectrometry and protein crystallography confirm this unexpected behavior. 💡

New scaffold to explore ADP-ribose metabolism: By performing SAR studies, we identify a first-in-class, non-covalent dual inhibitor for NUDT5 and NUDT14. 🌟

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