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We are looking for two enthusiastic postdoctoral fellows with expertise in structural biology to join us in our effort to study the function of proteins involved in #ubiquitination & #RNAmetabolism - please check out the links below for more information and apply online!

  1. Job Details ( – closing date: 09-Oct-2023 12:00

  2. Job Details ( – closing date: 09-Oct-2023 12:00

Great news: we have an open position for a PostDoc in structural biology/ biochemisrty. We would love to welcome you to our team, please apply here.

Congratulations to Ruth, @MonikaGullerova & team on their new paper @CellReports showing how RNA transcribed during DSB repair disrupts the interaction between TIRR (NUDT16L1) and 53BP1! Glad we could help a bit.

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